Legal Age of Marriage for Males and Females in Different Countries

“But even if the law exists, there are a number of reasons why they can be undermined. Pluralistic legal systems may give primacy to customary or religious law over national law, exceptions may be granted with parental consent or court approval, and law enforcement officials may be poorly trained or unaware of the minimum age for marriage. However, any marriage under the age of 20 in Japan requires parental consent. To capture the legal provisions shaping child marriage around the world, we created a database for 193 United Nations (UN) Member States. 1 We constructed variables for the minimum age of marriage and exceptions that allow marriage at a lower age under certain conditions. We conducted a systematic review of the legislation that began in June 2013 via the countries` official websites, the Lexadin World Law Guide, the Foreign Law Guide, the International Labour Organization (ILO) NATLEX database, the Pacific Islands Institute of Legal Information, the Asian Institute for Legal Information, JaFBase and libraries such as the Swiss Institute of Comparative Law, the University of California, Los Angeles Law Library, Harvard Law School Library, and Northwestern University Library. Where legislation was not available from these sources, analysts reviewed country reports and concluding comments of the Committee on the Rights of the Child and the Committee on the Elimination of Discrimination against Women. In Late Antiquity, most Roman women married in their late teens until their early twenties, but noble women married younger than those in the lower classes, as an aristocratic virgin was supposed to be a virgin until her first marriage. [5] In Late Antiquity, under Roman law, daughters inherited equal shares from their parents if no will was made. [9]:63 Moreover, Roman law recognized women`s property as legally distinct from husbands` property,[9]:133-154 as did some legal systems in parts of Europe and colonial Latin America. For young girls, child marriage often leads to the interruption or termination of their education (Clark, Bruce & Dude, 2006; Feld and Ambrus, 2008; Lloyd und Mensch, 2008; UNICEF, 2014). Social norms, family expectations and, in some cases, legal restrictions force girls to complete their education after marriage (Jain & Kurz, 2007; Jensen & Thornton, 2003; Mensch, 2005). In addition, girls are often expected to take on household chores and family responsibilities, which can make school attendance impossible.

Limiting girls` education has lifelong and intergenerational effects on women`s earning potential and financial independence (Vogelstein 2013), as well as on their children`s health and educational outcomes (Gakidou et al. 2010; Sekhri and Debnath, 2014). In particular, data based on national data have shown that increased educational attainment among women of reproductive age is associated with lower infant mortality rates (Gakidou et al. 2010). Research using household survey data in India from 2005 showed that delaying a mother`s age of marriage by one year increased the likelihood that her child would be able to perform demanding numeracy and reading tasks, an association that the authors suspect is likely mediated by mothers` increased schooling due to later marriage (Sekhri and Debnath 2014). In Niger, where the legal age to marry is 15, 76% of girls are believed to be married before their 18th birthday. The bill has been criticized by the opposition, women`s rights activists and organizations who say the law is a violation of women`s personal freedom and does not work at the local level to address the root cause of early marriage. The reaction would have reconsidered the bill. In addition to these civil law rules, there are parallel systems of customary and/or religious law in many countries in addition to civil law. These laws often do not set a minimum age for marriage or do not set it at an age lower than civil law provisions, creating loopholes that allow children of certain religious and ethnic communities to marry at a much younger age. This variable is defined as the lowest minimum age in customary and/or religious law, where such laws exist, or the general minimum age of marriage for countries where there is no customary and/or religious exception. Child marriage under the age of 18 is widely recognized in international human rights treaties as a discriminatory global practice that hinders the development and well-being of hundreds of millions of girls.

Using a new global policy database, we analyze national legislation regarding the minimum age of marriage, exceptions allowing marriage in previous years, and gender differences in laws. Although our longitudinal data indicate an improvement in the incidence of countries with laws prohibiting marriage before the age of 18, significant gaps remain in the elimination of legal exceptions and gender-based discrimination. In the Roman Empire, Emperor Augustus introduced legislation on marriage, which rewarded the Lex Papia Poppaea, marriage and having children. The legislation also provides for penalties for young people who do not marry and for those who have committed adultery. Therefore, marriage and having children between the ages of twenty-five and sixty became law for men and twenty and fifty for women. [2] Women who were virgin vestal virgins were selected between the ages of 6 and 10 to serve as priestesses in the temple of the goddess Vesta in the Roman Forum for 30 years, after which they could marry. [3] After the fall of the Western Roman Empire and the rise of the Holy Roman Empire, land ownership also contributed to weakening kinship ties and thus clan power; As early as the 9th century, in the northwest of France, there were small families working on estates, consisting of parents and children and sometimes a grandparent. The Roman Catholic Church and the state had become allies in order to extinguish the solidarity and thus the political power of the clans; The Church sought to replace traditional religion, the vehicle of which was the kinship group, and to replace the authority of the elders of the kinship group with that of a former religious; At the same time, the king`s rule was undermined by the uprisings of the most powerful groups, clans or sections of kinship, whose conspiracies and murders threatened the power of the state and also the demands of the landowners for obedient and docile workers. [11] Since peasants and serfs lived and worked on farms they had rented from the landlord, they also needed the landlord`s permission to marry.

Couples therefore had to submit to the owner and wait for a small farm to become available before they could marry and therefore have children; Those who could delay the wedding and did so were probably rewarded by the owner, and those who did were probably denied this reward. [12] For example, in medieval England, the age of marriage varied according to economic circumstances, with couples delaying marriage until their early twenties when times were tough, but able to marry in their late teens after the Black Death when there was a severe shortage of labor; [13]: 96 Apparently, teen marriage was not the norm in England. [13]: 98-100 Muslims are allowed to marry at 16 for men and 12 for girls, and Hindus at 18 and 14. The age of Muslim marriages is shown in the table. In Sri Lanka, while the marriageable age for non-Muslim women was 18, the Muslim Marriage and Divorce Act (MMDA) allowed child marriage by not setting a minimum age, preventing them from signing their own marriage contract, subjecting them to forced marriage. 1.This database can be explored in more detail on our website: Catholic canon law adopted Roman law, which set the minimum age of marriage at 12 for women and 14 for men. The Roman Catholic Church raised the minimum age of marriage to 14 for women and 16 for men in 1917, and lowered the age of majority to 18 in 1983.

Due to the relatively unequal status of married women as girls in their marriage, there may be additional health effects. Power differences related to age differences can prevent girls from negotiating with their husbands and exercising control over their bodies and sexual and reproductive health. Partly because of this limited control and lack of information about options and pressures to have children, early marriage has been associated with lower contraceptive use (Godha, Hotchkiss, & Gage, 2013; Mensch, 2005; Nour, 2006; Raj et al.

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Legal Age in Lebanon

Child protection activists say school closures and growing poverty, as well as the lack of a legal minimum age, are pushing more girls under the age of 18 into marriage. To ensure that girls like Sahar are protected and protected, child marriage must be made illegal. All girls should have the right to a normal childhood, away from the pain and suffering that comes with early marriage. Although the implementation of this change on the ground remains a particularly complex issue, efforts in this direction must not be stopped. In Lebanon, child marriage does not take place in a vacuum, but is caused by several cultural, social and economic factors. This makes it a reality to respond and limit their spread in society, not only through legal reforms, awareness-raising or education, but also through the cooperation of all these instruments. So far, civil society organizations have done their part to raise awareness of the issue, but a unified marriage law is still lacking, and little or no attention has been paid to the needs of poor girls. Without the latter two, there can be no solution to effectively eradicate child marriage. German authorities met hundreds of married minors among the refugees.

Judges are faced with legal ambiguities and must deal with most cases individually. A working group has been established to study this issue. Looking at the numbers in Save the Children`s policy note, two things become clear: 1) most religious communities offer a legal pathway for child marriage and 2) child marriage in Lebanon is a gendered phenomenon that disproportionately targets and harms girls. Almost all religions prescribe the legal age of marriage for boys at 18, but for some girls it can be as high as 9. Even though the community sets the legal age for girls to marry at 18, like Greek Orthodox Christians, it remains alarming that exceptions are not uncommon. If the caregiver consents to the marriage or if a religious authority approves the marriage, they are considered both official and legal, regardless of age. Since civil status laws are administered by religious authorities and not by the Lebanese State, these exceptions are not subject to judicial review. This is a serious violation of children`s rights. Family honor: The concept of al-Sutra encourages families to protect their daughter`s honor and virginity. Some Syrian families fear that girls will be exposed to more liberal Lebanese social norms. Religion: The minimum age for marriage differs from religion to religion.

According to a 2015 report, it is 17 for Sunni communities, puberty for Shiites, 17 for Druze, 14 for Greek Catholics, 14 for Greek-Armenians and Assyrian Orthodox, 16 for Evangelicals and 15 for the Eastern Assyrian Church. The absence of a uniform law and its legality perpetuate child marriage. In addition, conservative customs prevail in all religions and generally promote the “protection” of girls from immoral behavior by marrying them young. Gender norms: The role of women and girls has been stereotyped in Lebanese society. Being a housewife and getting married early is considered a major achievement, and those who marry late are often seen as having limited opportunities in life. According to an official at the Lebanese Embassy in Ottawa, the age of majority for both men and women is 18 (January 12, 2007). An official at the Lebanese Embassy in Washington, D.C., determined that 18 is the age of legal responsibility, eligibility for military service, and the right to a driver`s license, while 21 is the age at which Lebanese citizens have the right to vote (Lebanon, 16 January 2007). In Lebanon, each of the 18 recognized religious groups sets its own rules regarding the legal age of marriage. These range from 14 years for Catholics to 18 years for members of the Greek Orthodox Church. This week, the country`s most senior Sunni Muslim religious authority raised the minimum age of marriage to 18.

A few weeks earlier, Shiite Muslim religious authorities had said that no one should marry before the age of 15. Lebanon does not have a legal age for marriage for all its citizens, as it differs according to religion. Religious courts set the age based on 15 different personal status laws, some of which allow girls under the age of 15 to marry. This is a major obstacle to addressing child marriage at the national level in Lebanon. Another reason child marriage is possible in Lebanon is that, unlike many of its regional neighbours, including Iraq, Egypt and Jordan, the country does not have a so-called “civil status law”. This type of law regulates things like inheritance, custody of children, and the legal age of marriage. Every Lebanese who has reached the legal age established by the Constitution has the right to vote, whether or not he resides in Lebanese territory. The Lebanese Crisis Response Plan, developed in cooperation between the Lebanese government and the United Nations in the context of the Syrian crisis, aims to reduce child marriage by 20% by 2020. The updated 2019 includes targets to reduce exposure to negative coping mechanisms, including child marriage. Lebanon. 16 January 2007. Embassy of Lebanon, Washington, DC.

Telephone interview with a consular officer. _____. 12 January 2007. Embassy of Lebanon, Ottawa. Telephone interview with a consular officer. There are no fixed dates yet. Salhab said. Before the current health and economic crisis, she added, the number of underage marriages in Lebanon had decreased. “But we can say that child marriage as an issue is more visible in communities where it wasn`t necessarily an issue,” Salhab said.

Aid organizations in Lebanon say the country`s current economic crisis, exacerbated by the coronavirus pandemic, is forcing more children to marry before adulthood. Plan International, a children`s rights organization, examined what happened in past crises – for example, the 2014 Ebola outbreak in West Africa – to produce a report on children living in lockdown. School closures have had a big impact, the organization noted. Based on factors such as families` demand for dowry, Plan International concluded that school closures could increase the likelihood of a child being forced into marriage by 25%.

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Legal Age for Drinking in Punjab

Lalit Ahlawat, manager of the Soi7 pub and brewery at DLF Cyber City, said 21 was the right age to drink. “Although all pubs and bars have followed the rules and regulations, this change will help young people enjoy it legally,” he said. “This will reduce illegal consumption and also put the state on an equal footing with international standards as well as neighbouring states,” he said. The law governing the payment of excise duties in Daman and Diu is also the same for Goa. Section 19 of the Goa Excise Duties Act and Regulations, 1964 sets the legal drinking age in Goa at twenty-one years. Gurugram: The Haryana government on Wednesday lowered the state`s drinking age from 25 to 21, with the state assembly passing an amendment to the Haryana Excise Act. “If you have a non-alcoholic party, the children will not show up or carry bottles of alcohol with clear water,” says the mother, who does not drink herself. Neither did his partner. She is aware that underage drinking carries a risk of alcohol dependence. United States: The legal drinking age (MLDA) in the United States is 21.

Prior to the enactment of the National Minimum Drinking Age Act of 1984, the legal age at which alcohol could be purchased differed from state to state. Here`s a look at the legal drinking age in the world: Lakshadweep Island is one of the Union of India`s territories in the Arabian Sea. In the Union Territory of Lakshadweep, alcohol consumption is completely illegal, except on the holiday island of Bangaram. Despite legal restrictions, alcohol consumption in India has increased by more than 72.5% over a 20-year period (according to OECD figures) as laws are generally not respected in a customer business relationship. [4] [5] The maximum permitted alcohol content is 45.5%. [6] There is no need to lower the drinking age in Chandigarh, which is currently 25. This is because you have to be mature enough to know the bad effects of drinking. People usually mature at this age and understand its negative effects. The legal drinking age in Odisha was set at twenty-five. But a change lowered the age limit in the state.

Under Section 61 (1) of the Odisha Excise Act 2005, the legal age for the purchase and consumption of alcohol in all parts of the state is set at twenty-one years. In the state of Maharashtra, the Bombay Prohibition Act 1949 regulates the administration of state excise duties. Under section 18 of the Act, no licensed vendor may sell or provide liquor to minors. The law interprets the term “minor” to mean a person over the age of 21. However, this age limit only applies to beer and not alcoholic beverages. The age set for the purchase and consumption of alcohol is twenty-five, at which point it would be legal for a licensed seller to sell or give alcohol or an intoxicating drug to an appropriate person. In the context of liquor trade, state laws governing alcohol trade in each state differ in several respects. For example, in two states, the legal drinking age may be the same, but the sales criteria may be different.

In some states, only sellers need to have a license to sell alcohol in their warehouses, without which it would be illegal to do business. And in some specific states, not only sellers, but also consumers must have a license to consume alcohol. State laws also regulate where the liquor trade can operate. In addition to the legal drinking age, the laws also list where alcohol can be sold, and this varies from state to state. For example, alcohol is typically sold in bars, restaurants, liquor stores, etc., and in some states, alcohol can be sold in grocery stores, department stores, banquet halls, and/or farms. Some tourist areas have special laws that allow the sale of alcohol on beaches and houseboats. Delhi is the only metropolis in India where the legal drinking age is 25. In 2021, Delhi Deputy Prime Minister Manish Sisodiya announced that the legal drinking age would increase from 25 to 21. The Delhi government has taken this step to increase state revenues by expanding its market.

The Delhi government has introduced a new system of excise duties in the state, and along with lowering the legal drinking age, the government has also taken other measures to increase revenues. Ashish Dev Kapoor, founder of Whisky Samba Bar and Grill, said it was a progressive initiative by the Haryana government. “If people are allowed to marry at 21, to vote, why can`t they drink legally? This will help people drink transparently and responsibly,” he said. Sikkim is one of the few states where the legal drinking age is set at 18 and a licensed seller or his servant is not allowed to sell or provide alcohol or drugs to a person under the age of eighteen. The UT administration must lower the minimum drinking age from 25 to 21, as Chandigarh is a modern city visited by a large number of tourists. In addition, at this age, a person becomes more mature to cope with the effects of alcohol consumption. By raising the minimum age to 25, the authorities will only encourage alcohol smuggling. Under Section 50B of the Jammu and Kashmir Excise Act 1958, any vendor or servant of him is liable to prosecution for giving or selling alcohol or an intoxicating drug to a person under the age of twenty-one years. After the Jammu and Kashmir Reorganization Act of 2019, the state of Jammu and Kashmir became a Union Territory and a new Union Territory, Ladakh, was also created. Thus, the Jammu and Kashmir Excise Act 1958 applies to both UTs, so the legal drinking age in Ladakh is also set at twenty-one years.

Here is a list of the legal drinking age in some states and UTs in India – The administration of excise duties in the Union territory of the Andaman and Nicobar Islands is governed by the Andaman and Nicobar Islands Excise Duties Ordinance 2012. The Act provides for the administration of excise duties when a licence or authorization is issued by the administrator of a government agency or autonomous government-owned entity to engage in the business of liquor. Article 24 of the above-mentioned Act deals in this regard with the legal age and provides that no person or licensed seller or agent may sell or supply alcohol to persons under the age of eighteen years, whether for personal consumption or for sale to others. However, such a complete ban has been repeatedly rejected. For example, the Patna Supreme Court ruled in 2016 that the nationwide ban on the alcohol trade was illegal and impractical. Similarly, it has been repeatedly called for by various strata of society to lift the total prohibition of alcohol in the states where it is in force. Dry states argue that this is a positive step to bring about social change in the state, and it will help maintain the principle of morality. The five dry states of India have been discussed below as follows: Delhi is always a matter of excessive alcohol consumption and often hides in cars or parks with a bottle.

He remembers doing this only to be caught by his mother, who told him to drink at home. The United Provinces Excise Act, 1910 regulates the regulation of excise duties in Uttarakhand. However, the State passed the United Provinces Excise Act 1910 (Adaptation and Modification Order, 2002), under which certain amendments were made to certain sections of the previous Act relating to Uttrakhand. As for the legal drinking age in Uttarakhand, it has a status similar to that of Uttar Pradesh, i.e. it is set at twenty-one years under section 22 of the United Provinces Excise Act 1910. She started throwing drinking parties for her son when he was at school, because if she didn`t, he wouldn`t be invited to other students` gatherings. Children, she says, sometimes start drinking as early as age 14, often encouraged by parents. It`s in Delhi`s elite schools (mostly expensive), where adolescence is no longer just pizza and chips, but beer and vodka shots. “In addition, the socio-economic conditions of the time have changed dramatically since the provisions were included in the Excise Act.

People are now more educated and engaged in new efforts and can also make rational choices when it comes to responsible consumption.

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Legal Affairs Folge 2 Besetzung

The series focuses on Leonie “Leo” Roth, a media lawyer who has her own law firm in Berlin. Through her work for various important clients, she has gained national renown. Their task is to represent them in public in the best possible way and to influence public opinion in their favour. In order to protect the privacy of its clients and defend them against public criticism, it sometimes resorts to illegal means. [2] Star lawyer Leo Roth is not as invulnerable as she appears to be. The death of Sophie Jessen, to whom she had put massive pressure shortly before, is close to her heart. Of course, no one is allowed to know. With the delicate mandate itself, however, Leo is not letting go of his arms as a complete professional: Sophie`s affair with Leo`s brother-in-law, Interior Senator Kai Fontaine, is not to be revealed now. Through his ex, Judge Thilo Hinrichs, Leo tries to find out if the politician`s name can be found in previously confidential investigative files. Meanwhile, a headline by tabloid journalist Götz Althaus is causing a stir in his law firm: a million-dollar contract signed by soccer star Milos Novak threatens to fail due to rumors of an alleged heart defect. Cecil von Carlsburg discovers that the message originally came from a less serious online portal, but that it was leaked by tabloid journalist Götz Althaus.

With great legal caliber, Leo goes against Althaus` newspaper “Der Tag” and its publisher Busse in the field and goes in search of the anonymous source of the story, who seems to know the data of Milos` patients frighteningly. “Legal Affairs” wants to entertain in an exciting way, in each episode there is a new case, while the investigation in its own name turns into a drama about the consequences. Here, the magnificently nasty lawyer […] experiences her loss of control. This is sorely necessary, because otherwise it would be a bit one-dimensional if Roth won his cases in an ever-threatening tone. […] The strengths of the plot far outweigh the sometimes artificial verbal spectacle. “Even experienced chewing gum chewers like Mimi struggle to draw a story of far below-average plausibility over eight times 45 minutes. So there must be a lot of meaningless side stories in there; But we know it from the crime scene. Through his ex, Judge Thilo Hinrichs, Leo is trying to find out if the politician`s name can be found in previously confidential investigative files.

Meanwhile, a headline by tabloid journalist Götz Althaus is causing a stir in his law firm: a million-dollar contract signed by soccer star Milos Novak threatens to fail due to rumors of an alleged heart defect. The main character Leo Roth is based on Christian Schertz, who has an appearance as Leo Roth`s fellow lawyer. Katarina Witt, Inka Bause and Günther Jauch appear as real people represented by Schertz. The music, which Leo`s father hears in a flashback repeated on a jazz record (“Federal Feed” from “Uncarved Block Orchestra”), comes from trumpeter Till Brönner, who was also represented by Schertz. [4] The name “Leo Roth” has been interpreted as an allusion to television mediator Rosa Roth. [5] The tabloid Der Tag refers to the newspaper Bild,[6] The location of the publishing house was the Atrium Tower on Potsdamer Platz. The activist group “Institute for Rosy Times” in the episode Cannibals has been compared to the Center for Political Beauty group. [7] Episode #wannlandetlisa, in which a woman posts a tweet before her flight home from her vacation in Africa (“I hope I don`t get AIDS now”) and is at the center of a shitstorm after landing, refers to the case of American Justine Sacco, who posted a similar tweet in 2013 (“Going to Africa. I hope I don`t get AIDS. Joke.

I`m white! »). [8] Star lawyer Leo Roth is not as invulnerable as she appears to be. The death of Sophie Jessen, to whom she had put massive pressure shortly before, is close to her heart. Of course, no one is allowed to know. With the delicate mandate itself, however, Leo is not letting go of his arms as a complete professional: Sophie`s affair with Leo`s brother-in-law, Interior Senator Kai Fontaine, is not to be revealed now.

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Legal Advice Rochester Ny

Working with partners at the Rochester Legal Services Coalition (RLSC), JustCause will ensure that there are no unmet civil rights needs for low-income members of our community. Improve the quality of life for low-income residents of Monroe County by ensuring that a group of qualified volunteer lawyers is available to resolve serious legal issues. Good to know: This office provides direct legal services to residents of Monroe County. Applicants must be eligible for services under the financial guidelines. These guidelines are based on household size, income and wealth. Most families who receive government benefits or work for minimum wage are eligible for services. Visit our legal aid directory to find legal help, or chat with a LiveHelp representative to help you navigate the site. Civil law issues faced by people over the age of sixty, including: When you apply for services, you will be asked a few questions about yourself and the nature of your legal problems to determine if you qualify for our services or if we can refer you to the help you need. If it is determined that you are eligible for our services, we will make an appointment so that you can speak to one of our lawyers or representatives. Good to know: This organization provides legal services to 14 counties in Western New York State, including: Allegany, Cattaraugus, Chautauqua, Chemung, Livingston, Monroe, Ontario, Schuyler, Seneca, Steuben, Tioga, Tompkins, Wayne and Yates. A team of LASROC lawyers specializes in representing, advising and defending victims of domestic violence in obtaining and enforcing protection, custody, divorce, deportation, foreclosure and immigration matters. We will create an environment in our community that values access to legal aid so that every person is treated with dignity, equality and fairness. Civil law issues faced by veterans and their families.

LASROC provides immigration legal services in 47 counties in New York State. Good to know: This organization provides legal planning services to people living with HIV/AIDS living in Monroe County. The Legal Aid Society of Rochester, NY (LASROC) provides direct legal representation (in court representation), advocacy, legal advice, and educational clinics for low- and middle-income individuals, families, and youth in crisis to meet their basic needs. The Legal Aid Society of Rochester is a non-profit organization that provides direct civil services to adults and children, including secular representation and related social services. We ensure that those seeking justice have the opportunity to receive a fair and full hearing. We receive legal solutions that have a positive impact on our clients and the community. Good to know: Volunteer lawyers provide free civil law services to those who qualify under the income guidelines. They also have several legal clinics. Good to know: This is a full-service organization that provides legal services and emergency shelters to abused women and their children. Call us to find out more.

Rochester is a great place to live, but as in any city, legal aid can mean spending more money than the average person wants. Looking for a free or low-cost lawyer, but not sure where to turn? At FindLaw, we understand that legal fees can be challenging for your portfolio. That`s why we`ve compiled a list of free or low-cost legal service providers in Rochester for you to choose from. To ensure that these rights have real meaning, we will strive to provide a highly qualified and enthusiastic lawyer to anyone who otherwise cannot obtain representation in civil matters. Disputes between owners (repairs, power outages by owners) Good to know: This is a full-service advocacy group. Services and referral assistance are free for Monroe County residents who are deaf, deafblind, hard of hearing, and/or come from deaf and signed families. Good to know: The Faculty of Law only takes on new cases at certain times of the year. Call to learn more about admission procedures. Employment Discrimination Based on Criminal Records (Reintegration Issues) – All Counties The Legal Aid Society of Rochester believes in due process and equal protections promised in our state and federal constitutions.

Refusal, sanction or cessation of public assistance, food stamps, medical assistance, childcare, non-dependent scholarship holders, HEAP, etc. Extract credit reports for homeless people to help them find housing Power of Attorney / Advance Care Directives (wills) Health issues (including Medicare and Medicaid) Areas of law: divorce, family law, homeownership, unemployment insurance, bankruptcy, consumers and wills Employment authorization for background checks by public bodies Denial of public benefits due to a criminal record (“criminal on the run” and IBU misconduct) Area of Law: Family, Housing, Immigration, Health, Education and Juvenile Justice Project Navigator helps individuals apply for Medicaid and health insurance plans under the Affordable Care Act. (Monroe and Livingston Counties) Accommodation for persons with disabilities (e.g. Ramp or therapeutic animal) Disability Exemption Certificates / Certificates of Good Conduct Areas of Law: Housing, Employment, Criminal Record Expungement, Public Benefits, Legal Services for Seniors, Wills, HIV/AIDS/Cancer Advocacy One West Main Street Suite 800 Rochester, NY 14614 USA Emergency refusal, sanctions or cessation Good to know: This organization provides services to low-income residents of Monroe County. If you live outside of this area, contact them to find an office near you. Areas of law: Children`s rights, Death penalty, Criminal defense, Immigration, Innocence Project, International human rights, Juvenile justice, Labour law, LGBT rights, Securities Labour rights and rights of persons with criminal records: Areas of law: Discrimination, Elections and votes, Freedom of expression, Freedom of religion, Immigration rights, LGBT rights, Privacy, Police practices, prison and prison conditions and other issues of fair treatment by the Government.

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Legal Advice Competent

Get help through the Legal Advice Line, a free legal help line available to qualified low-income residents in the Bay Area. The Legal Advice Line provides advice in all languages on a range of civil law matters. Lawyers can provide legal advice to a caller, schedule appropriate clients for an appointment at a neighborhood office, or give the caller a helpful referral to other social organizations if necessary. The theory here seems to be that an incompetent lawyer is better than no lawyer at all. This is probably true in most cases. It is difficult to know how this part of the rule is applied, as there is no case law or public disciplinary decision that revises this principle. No lawyer has been sanctioned for violating this article, but it provides an important roadmap for how an incompetent lawyer can become competent and avoid breaking the rule. For the purposes of this rule, “competence” in a legal service means that (i) learning and ability and (ii) mental, emotional and physical capacities reasonably necessary for the provision of that service are applied. Unlike legal information, such as information on a traffic sign, legal advice suggests a specific course of action that a client should take. For example, the difference between telling someone what to do (legal advice) and how to do it (legal information) is the difference between telling someone what to do (legal information). The new California Code of Professional Conduct 1.1 is very similar to the current Rule 3-110. Unlike the Model Rule, it defines jurisdiction as negative, not positive: “A lawyer may not intentionally, recklessly, grossly or relentlessly or repeatedly provide competent legal services.” (Emphasis added.) Depending on the situation, legal advice and information may be helpful. While some situations require the advice of a lawyer – such as filing a lawsuit or defending criminal charges – other situations may simply warrant obtaining legal information.

Read the definitions of areas of practice for legal information on a specific topic or look for a lawyer in your area for legal advice on a specific legal issue. You might call it a specific lack of skill, but I think the business lawyers defending this crime believe they are competent, in part because we emphasize the RAIC as the gold standard for competence in legal work. Created by FindLaw`s team of writers and legal writers| Last updated: 20 June 2016 The preamble to the Model Code of Professional Conduct describes a lawyer and members of the bar as “. a representative of clients, an official of the legal system and a citizen governed by public law with special responsibility for the quality of justice. A basic principle of the Model Code is that a lawyer must be competent as a representative of clients. If you want to become an exceptional lawyer, consider the benefits of the California Desert Trial Academy. As a member of the growing ADTC family, you will have access to our student and alumni lawyers who freely and openly share their legal experience, career advice and academic advice. Call us today at (760) 342-0900 or find out online here. The California Rules of Professional Conduct (the “Rules”) have been adopted by the Board of Governors of the California State Bar and approved by the California Supreme Court in accordance with the sections of the Business and Professions Code.

The Rules of Procedure are intended to govern the professional conduct of members of the State Bar, to protect the public, and to promote respect and confidence in the legal profession. Persons who provide legal advice, voluntarily or unknowingly, without having the skill, judgment or authority to do so, are essentially engaged in unauthorized legal practice and are therefore subject to judicial sanctions. [6] Before a lawyer enters into or contracts with other lawyers outside his or her own firm to provide legal services to a client or to assist in the provision of legal services, the lawyer should normally obtain the client`s informed consent and must reasonably assume that the services of other lawyers contribute to the competent and ethical representation of the client. See also Rule 1.2 (Distribution of Powers), 1.4 (Communication with Client), 1.5(e) (Fee Splitting), 1.6 (Confidentiality) and 5.5(a) (Unauthorized Exercise of Rights). The appropriateness of the decision to enter into or enter into a contract with other lawyers outside the law firm`s office depends on the circumstances, including the training, experience and reputation of lawyers who do not belong to the firm; the nature of the services entrusted to non-corporate lawyers; and the legal protection, professional ethics and ethical environment of the jurisdictions in which the services are provided, in particular with regard to confidential information. Specific legal information issues may include: [5] The competent handling of a particular matter involves investigating and analysing the factual and legal elements of the problem and applying methods and procedures in line with the standards of competent practitioners. This also includes proper preparation. The attention and preparation required is partly determined by what is at stake; Larger disputes and complex transactions generally require more comprehensive processing than less complex issues and consequences. An agreement between lawyer and client on the extent of representation may limit the matters for which the lawyer is competent. See Rule 1.2(c). Then I noticed that later in the article, you were working on your own definition of “competence”.

This, too, is academic. I can summarize your play in this sentence: 10,000 hours. You know, Malcolm Gladwell`s book. I`m sure you know the premise. It takes about that long to really get used to. nothing. It could therefore be said that the most experienced (read: old) lawyer is the most competent. Model Rule 1.1 is followed in most states, with some variations. It states: “A lawyer shall represent a client competently. Competent representation requires the legal knowledge, skill, rigour and preparation reasonably required to be represented. (Emphasis added.) Model Rule 1.3 provides another element in the formulation of the ABA`s jurisdiction by providing that “counsel shall act with reasonable diligence and expeditiousness in representing a client.” If a lawyer does not have sufficient knowledge and skills at the time he or she is engaged to provide legal services, he or she may acquire sufficient knowledge and skills before a service is required or refer the matter to another lawyer whom he or she reasonably considers competent. The lawyer may continue to provide competent representation by (i) cooperating with another lawyer he or she considers reasonably competent or, where appropriate, by consulting professionally with him.

Examples that do not constitute true legal advice: Lawyers who suffer from addiction, mental illness, physical illness and personal problems that impair their ability to provide competent services do work every day for which they do not have the necessary skills despite learning and skills. Sometimes these problems obscure their ability to understand their limitations, and sometimes simple economic necessity forces them to do things beyond their jurisdiction. I represented a very good lawyer who started developing Parkinson`s disease with all the problems associated with it. Despite his gradual decline, he was forced to continue taking a new job in order to pay his health insurance premiums. Such tragedies are not uncommon. Some important legal skills, such as precedent analysis, evaluation of evidence, and drafting rights, are required for all legal matters. Perhaps the most basic legal skill is to determine the kind of legal problems that a situation may entail, a skill that necessarily goes beyond a particular level of expertise. A lawyer can provide adequate representation in a completely new field through the necessary study.

Competent representation may also take the form of the association of a lawyer with proven competence in the field concerned. Unlike legal information, legal advice refers to written or oral legal assistance in a legal case that would infringe the rights and obligations of the person receiving the advice. In addition, real legal advice requires careful analysis of the law as it applies to a person`s particular situation – as opposed to speculation based on general facts.

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Legal Action Roommate Rent

Landlords have a duty to inform tenants of any errors or delays in receiving rent. A better understanding of the situation is the first step in dealing with a case where a roommate is not paying rent. Talk to your roommate and find out if it`s a one-time slip or if you have a recurring problem. An incomplete rent payment is one thing; Maybe your roommate had big bills, or maybe they`re between jobs. It`s also the perfect opportunity to see if they can afford a partial rent, which can go a long way in putting your landlord or property manager at ease. Be sure to gather all the evidence and documentation before taking legal action and consider speaking to a lawyer to discuss your options. Roommates can be an exciting part of renting a house or apartment. Sharing a room with one, two or more people can be a great option. If your roommate is in the lease, the answer is no.

Your roommate has just as much right to occupy the room as you do. If you want to keep the roommate not paying (or someone else) away by changing the locks, you will need to get permission from your landlord and pay the cost. Legally, each tenant is entitled to a new key, including the non-paying roommate. A: In New York, if you want a roommate to move, you usually give them written notice of termination – in this case, 90 days, because they`ve been there for two years and you don`t have a written agreement. If he does not comply, you can bring him before the housing court after the deadline has expired. However, since your roommate has applied for rent assistance, you will have to wait for this matter to be settled in court before you can proceed. So you are in a queue model. You may have no choice but to pay all the costs out of pocket to keep this property under control pending legal proceedings or otherwise be compensated if possible.

Therefore, it is important to understand how to sue a roommate for unpaid rent. It depends on whether your roommate is in the lease. Most landlords don`t care how roommates share the rent; They just want to be paid in full and on time. Here are some common rental types: There are a few things to keep in mind when sharing an apartment with someone. If both of your signatures were on the lease, it`s likely that solidarity will be considered “jointly and severally liable” for the rent, meaning they can track any outstanding balances of both people at any time, even if they have made or plan to make payments in advance! Property managers want to keep reliable tenants in their properties, so it`s in their best interest to help you. If you can`t find a suitable solution, be honest with your property manager about the situation. You can evict your roommate if they are the registered tenant. You can also create a new lease in which you are jointly and severally liable for the rent. If your roommate doesn`t pay the verdict, you can take steps to get the money back. Once you file your small claims application, you will receive a hearing date scheduled between 30 and 70 days later.

During this time, your roommate may call you to try to settle the matter. If you reach an agreement, you can end your small claims claim. There are other legal avenues that need to be explored. If you and your wife are concerned about your immediate safety, talk to your lawyer about getting a restraining order that can help evict the roommate from the apartment. Document your interactions with them and keep any police records you have to support your claim. The actual amount of rent for which your roommate was responsible will likely be indicated in a sublease or assignment agreement. Dealing with a roommate who doesn`t pay rent can be difficult, but you need to sort it out for your financial stability and peace of mind. Follow these tips and you should soon convince your roommate to pay or move before it affects your reputation and housing situation.

If it looks like your roommate won`t be able to make rent payments consistently, it`s time to weigh your options. It may be time to find a new roommate or leave your rent altogether before you end up with an eviction on your file. One of the pitfalls of renting with roommates is relying on other people to pay the rent together. As a roommate, you are responsible for paying the rent in full, regardless of who will make the payment. So if a tenant can`t or won`t pay the rent, what options do you have to minimize the damage? While each tenant may be responsible for their own share, you can all be evicted even if one person does not give up. A letter of need is a letter that describes a set of requirements. For example, you could write to your roommate to ask for a refund to repair the damage to your property and why you think it caused the damage to your property. Once you file the lawsuit, you will need to give the documents to your roommate. If your roommate isn`t paying rent, it may be time to find one that does. Ask your friends if anyone wants to move.

You can also post public messages on social media so your friends can share them with their friends. You can expand your roommate search by using apps like or Roomiematch. Ask potential roommates and ask them questions about their jobs to assess their financial stability. Not sure what to say in your complaint letter to your roommate? Here are some suggestions: Moving out of a rental apartment can be boring, but it may be your best option if your roommate isn`t paying the rent and you can`t find a new roommate to take their place or cover the rent without one.

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Legal Accounts Assistant Salary

Accounting assistants, young professionals in the field of accounting, provide administrative services to finance and accounting departments. For example, they could help with accounting, tax, and accounting tasks. A degree or certification can test the employable skills of accounting assistants in areas such as computer literacy and complex mathematics. Candidates with higher education may also excel in the application process. For a real-time salary goal, tell us more about your role in the four categories below. Tracking a certificate or diploma can cost time and money. Employers can allow accounting assistants to complete their training while they are working, which can result in a salary increase after graduation. Other employers may even encourage these activities with partial or full tuition refunds. However, BLS notes that the roles of assistant accountants may change over time to accommodate these automation changes. In the coming years, accounting assistants could take more control over financial analysis, reporting, and consulting. Find out what you should earn with an individual salary estimate and negotiate with confidence. Assistant accountants are entry-level professionals who perform office work for accountants or accounting departments.

Their most common tasks include tracking expenses, organizing mail and documents, and preparing financial reports. As an entry-level career, accounting assistants typically earn lower salaries than other professionals in the field. However, with experience and training, these workers may qualify for higher-paying and more advanced positions such as accountant, auditor, credit officer, or budget analyst. Data from BLS 2021 shows that Washington, D.C., and Massachusetts pay the highest average salaries for accounting, bookkeeping, and auditing. However, the average salary in California and New York – two of the leading employer states in this area – also exceeds $50,000 per year. Location, industry, experience, and training can also affect an accountant`s salary. For example, Payscale`s August 2022 data shows that entry-level professionals earn an average of $15.80/hour. However, those with 20 or more years of experience earn an average of $19.50 per hour. Accounting assistant positions cannot require training beyond a high school diploma. However, acquiring other qualifications can increase career and salary opportunities. The table below lists the salary scale data that aggregates salary information for all professionals with these degrees or certifications, not just accounting assistants. Some regions offer higher levels of employment and salaries for accounting assistants.

For example, California, Florida, New York and Texas are among the states with the highest employment of these professionals. In addition, California, New York, and Texas are home to some of the major metropolitan areas. Densely populated areas with a high cost of living also tend to pay more for accounting assistants. For example, the Bridgeport-Stamford-Norwalk metropolitan area in Connecticut pays an average salary of $54,710, higher than the median annual salary of $45,560 for this occupation. However, Connecticut has an above-average cost of living. According to the BLS, the median annual salary for accounting, bookkeeping and auditing employees nationwide is $45,560 in 2021. The additional qualifications, experience and job performance of an accounting assistant can increase salary. Income also varies by industry and location. Because these professionals help others and require fewer degrees, assistant accountants typically earn a lower salary than accountants. However, with additional experience or training, accounting assistants may be able to take on more responsibilities and earn higher salaries.

People considering this career should expect changes in income over time based on the experience they gain at work. For example, excellent performance can lead to salary increases. In addition, accounting assistants who take on additional duties or demonstrate competence in certain areas may receive bonuses or salary increases. BLS forecasts a 3% decline for accounting, bookkeeping and auditing workers, a broad career category that includes accounting assistants. This could be partly due to technology, as the software has automated many of the accounting assistant`s tasks such as preparing tax returns, organizing financial statements, and budgeting. How much does a legal assistant earn in the United States? The average salary for a legal assistant in the U.S. is $51,294, but the salary range is generally between $44,433 and $59,261. Salary ranges can vary widely, depending on many important factors, including education, certifications, additional skills, the number of years you have spent in your profession.

With more real-time online compensation data than any other website, helps you determine your exact salary goal. The accounting and bookkeeping industry employs the largest number of accounting assistants to assist with accounting tasks. However, the state postal service pays these professionals the highest average annual salary. Assistant accountants can find work in a wide variety of industries such as power generation, business management, and real estate. Analyze the market and your qualifications to negotiate your salary with confidence. When accounting assistants gain work experience, their salary usually increases. For example, the following salary range data indicates an increase of $3.20/hour from the average salary of entry-level accounting assistants to those with 10 or more years of experience. The following tables provide BLS data for accounting, accounting and auditing employees, a broad category that includes accounting assistants. The BLS shows that the federal postal service pays the highest average salary for accounting, bookkeeping and auditing employees at $70,350.

Other industries, such as accounting and real estate, offer much higher employment figures and average salaries in excess of $44,000. Use this guide to learn about typical accounting assistant salaries and the factors that influence earning potential as you prepare for your career. Some states have a higher demand for these skilled workers than others, such as California, which employs 170,580 people a year. It`s also one of the highest-paid states for these workers — they earn an average annual salary of $51,080. Jobs with a salary scale similar to that of legal assistant: lower secondary school teacher, model marker, prison administrator Some states with lower average annual openings, such as Utah and Idaho, are among the states with the highest percentages of projected job changes from 2020 to 2030. This lower total number of job vacancies reflects the decline in the overall population. New York, Texas, and Florida provide slightly lower percentages for projected employment rates, but have high average annual openings and higher state populations. Those with an MBA degree tend to benefit from a higher salary scale than those with.

Salaries Qualifications Company Jobs Benefits Industries Locations Projected Employment Change from 2020 to 2030 -3% Most innovative compensation technology backed by the industry`s most experienced team Individualize employee compensation based on unique job requirements and personal qualifications. See User responsibilities for the legal assistant. Check the job postings and experience requirements for the Legal Assistant position to confirm that this is the job you are looking for. The only way to truly get the life you want is to take positive risks as well. Get the latest market price for reference jobs and jobs in your industry. Better communicate your compensation decisions to your employees Learn about: compensation plans, risk of employee absconding, gender pay gap, job postings for this position Stay competitive with the world`s most innovative compensation software solution.

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Legal 500 Renewables London

McDermott Will & Emery LLP`s global energy project finance group, now led by “highly experienced” Edward Zaelke following his arrival from Los Angeles-based Akin Gump Strauss Hauer & Feld LLP in March 2019, has significant M&A and financing strength for developers and investors on a variety of renewable energy transactions. Zaelke has particular expertise in advising on complex domestic/international solar and wind transactions and adds additional transactional firepower to a team that already includes Philip Tingle, a well-known energy tax expert in Miami. Carl Fleming, a Washington DC-based partner, who also recently joined Akin Gump Strauss Hauer & Feld LLP, provides the firm with additional expertise in the renewable energy sector and his credentials were recently recognized by the Department of Commerce after being appointed to its advisory board that analyzes the competitiveness of U.S. wind energy sectors. solar, battery storage and electric vehicles nationally and internationally. Vinson & Elkins LLP, a Texas-based energy heavyweight, has successfully tracked the market and continued to keep abreast of the rapidly evolving renewable energy industry, allowing it to offer a compelling combination of “excellent real estate, plant and equipment expertise” combined with strong M&A product expertise. in financing and the daily needs of a clientele focused on investors / borrowers. Furnish. As senior advisor to Goldman Sachs` renewable energy group, the team has been very busy over the past 18 months, advising the fund on many high-profile transactions, including the $350 million acquisition of South Jersey Industries` solar portfolio. Houston-based John Connally and Kaam Sahely co-lead the company`s global energy transactions and projects group, with Sahely regularly involved in renewable energy work for prime investor clients and a key member of the team, which includes “excellent” Danielle Patterson. Patterson has significant coverage in transactional and commercial work in this sector, not only engaging regularly in renewable energy mergers and acquisitions, but also regularly advising on commercial contracts in the sector, including power purchase agreements (PPAs) and joint development agreements.

The team was strengthened financially by the arrival of New York partner Eamon Nolan of Linklaters LLP in January 2019. Matthew Henegar has unparalleled expertise in legal structuring and transaction management. “Quentin Robinson is very pragmatic, with good knowledge and a good mix of legal skills and an accessible and friendly way.” Led by Peter Hanlon and Nicholas Politan of New York, Gibson, Dunn & Crutcher LLP`s team provides industry clients with a comprehensive offering of M&A, financing, project and regulatory lawyers across the firm`s network of offices. The law firm is particularly active in advising investors/sponsors on large-scale wind and power projects. Hanlon has a long-standing relationship with Berkshire Hathaway and, along with Politan, has been involved in a number of solar and wind farm investments on behalf of its renewable energy division, BHE Renewables. The company`s offering on the corporate front was further enhanced in January 2019 with the arrival of Gerald Farano, a partner at Jones Day, based in Washington DC. Led by Los Angeles-based partner Jeffrey Greenberg under the firm`s global project development and financing group, Latham & Watkins LLP is “at the forefront of transactions” for developers, sponsors, funds and lenders across the renewable energy spectrum. The team has been particularly successful in structuring financing transactions in this sector, where it is able to leverage strong institutional linkages with some of the leading commercial banks in the space, including Citibank, which it advised on KKR`s investment to convert KKR into a NextEra Partners portfolio of solar and wind energy projects.

“Truly Best in Class,” New York-based partner Eli Katz also participated in the aforementioned deal and is particularly strong at ensuring that agreements are structured to maximize tax subsidies. Matthew Henegar, also based in New York, is a key member of the team, providing banks, developers and private equity funds with “unparalleled legal structuring and transaction management” for revolving finance, including those involving highly complex intercreditor agreements. Co-led by Richard Filosa and John Klauberg of Boston and New York respectively, Morgan, Lewis & Bockius LLP`s project, infrastructure and natural resources finance team provides “phenomenal” service to developers, investors and lenders involved in financing, developing and acquiring large-scale solar and wind projects. James Tynion, a New York-based partner, has many years of corporate and financial expertise, particularly with respect to wind and solar projects. Chicago-based partner Elizabeth Hanigan, who is praised for her “exceptional judgment and expertise,” “really provides a work product,” managing mergers and acquisitions, development and financing transactions, particularly in the solar and wind sectors. Wayne Song, a “very strong” partner based in Los Angeles, is also recommended, particularly for his sponsorship of M&A and renewable energy financing mandates. Closely aligned with growing market trends, the company has also been particularly active from a transaction perspective and thought leadership regarding the growing importance of energy storage. “Lux Nova is one of the few clean energy law firms. The focus on niche projects allows learning beyond previous projects and markets in order to conduct better negotiations faster.

Lux Nova`s strengths and capabilities are not limited to legal advice. Their market experience brings a level of business advice that other law firms don`t have. “The partners have a good legal and business knowledge of the industry and strive to train the youngest members in all areas. Ashurst offers his clients “very strong personalities with a great knowledge of legal issues, but also of the entire industry”. The practice advises clients on upstream, midstream and downstream projects, with a focus on mergers and acquisitions, financing, business matters, project development and dispute resolution. Michael Burns leads the team and is recommended for corporate work in the energy and infrastructure sectors. Senior consultant Huw Thomas has over 32 years of experience in the oil and gas industry and is a household name in reserve-based lending and financing, while Quentin Robinson specializes in emerging market projects focused on Africa. Helen Jones joined Freshfields Bruckhaus Deringer LLP in October 2021. She has extensive experience in the renewable energy field from all angles – advising homeowners, tax capital investors and lenders. Led by Kent Rowey of New York and also with practitioners in Washington DC, Allen & Overy LLP`s “responsive” group of six partners, energy, natural resources and infrastructure, regularly manages renewable energy for lenders, sponsors, developers and project companies. By implementing a full-service approach based on the firm`s capital markets, banks and corporate groups, the team is able to manage the full spectrum of work throughout the asset lifecycle: from inception to acquisition, to capital raising (including equity and debt), restructuring and ongoing portfolio management.

However, it is particularly well suited and focuses on advising infrastructure funds dealing with mergers and acquisitions in this area, as well as managing financing work for development banks and export credit agencies on Latin American projects. “Excellent team that has consistently provided quick solutions to our legal needs (acquisition, refinancing, other special purpose items in the companies in which we invest).” Baker McKenzie offers its clients “a strong team with attention to detail and care for very complex projects”. The practice focuses on corporate and financing operations, dealing with companies in transportation, telecommunications, utilities, social infrastructure, renewable energy and data centers. David Allen and Nick Rainsford lead the team; Both have extensive experience in mergers and acquisitions, with Allen distinguishing himself with his knowledge of the Japanese market and Rainsford focusing on European transactions. Mike Webster has over 30 years of experience in energy, mining and infrastructure transactions globally. “Exceptional legal expertise, combined with in-depth knowledge of the industries involved.” Akin Gump Strauss Hauer & Feld LLP relies on a “very strong project and M&A financing capacity” spread across the East and West Coast office network, providing “a very high quality of service and work product” to clients involved in the acquisition, divestment and financing of all aspects of renewable energy and sustainability projects. John Marciano, a Washington, DC-based partner, is co-head of the firm`s global project finance group, providing “exceptional service” to developers and financiers involved in solar and wind energy projects. Marciano and Matthew Nesburn, a Los Angeles-based partner, are particularly adept at advising on tax equity financing, an area in which they are known for their ability to “balance their legal skills with an extraordinary business acumen rare among lawyers of great lawyers.” Daniel Sinaiko, co-head of global project finance based in Los Angeles, combines his very strong financing capacity with a growing flow of M&A deals for a variety of energy projects, including numerous renewable energy mandates.

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Legal 500 Denmark M&A

“The team acts as a trusted advisor not only on legal matters, but also on the economics of transactions.” “As a dedicated real estate boutique, Winsløw always provides effective, first-class legal advice with great partner focus and comprehensive capabilities in all aspects of real estate, including transactions, rentals, construction issues and litigation. High quality is offered in both large and small cases with a focus on cost-effectiveness. “Kim Toftgaard has a unique ability to ensure transaction security and produce high-quality legal work, but also very quickly.” “The B&H team is dedicated and very good at coordinating discussions and providing solutions to legal issues. They are good at working in teams and deploying their internal workforce. “The firm has always provided high-quality legal advice and has always fulfilled its tasks on time and with high quality. Cooperation has always worked very effectively. “Thomas Holst Laursen takes a very holistic and thoughtful approach to the legal issues related to the business transfer we are working on. Nicolai Ørsted has a deep understanding of business and a pragmatic approach to mergers and acquisitions. “Søren Ingerslev has a unique combination of legal and business skills. “Very structured and clear process of delivering services to the client. We have not gotten lost in legal complexities.

We always know where we are in the project and why we are doing it. Everything was explained very simply and quickly, without long memoranda with complex legal terminology. “The Kroman Reumert team is characterized by both a general knowledge of the legal and commercial industry as well as highly specialized legal skills. The team works exceptionally well together across disciplines. “Henrik Møgelmose remains one of Denmark`s most effective and successful M&A practitioners. Adapts very well to the requirements of the specific situation. Very commercial and yet a sharp legal mind. “From the beginning, Daniel Markussen was very keen to have an overview of what is really important to me as a customer, which expectations are realistic and which we need to meet. Daniel is very simple, honest and able to quickly identify facts and create exceptional solutions. Daniel has extensive and deep expertise in labour practice, which is evident in his legal advice.

“A young and dynamic team with a proactive approach to legal advice and client care.” Andersen Partners` M&A team “excels at combining in-depth legal analysis with a practical and commercial approach”. Jointly led by Hans-Christian Ohrt, Søren Stig Langløkke Hansen and Jon Stefansson, the team primarily advises industrial and private equity clients. The Group has in-depth knowledge of corporate law, including joint ventures and international contracts. “We have always found Accura to be very commercial, direct and responsive as legal counsel on securitisation transactions that require local Danish advice. Often, we first look to Accra to discuss the possible inclusion of Danish assets in a securitisation transaction, which is very useful and appreciated. “Lundgrens` legal team, from associate to assistant level, works with the philosophy of resolving cases to the satisfaction of the parties involved and keeping costs reasonable. “I have always seen Line as a very knowledgeable partner who can explain legal issues in such a way that it is also understandable to laymen. Line always follows the task and is always available if the customer`s questions need clarification. I experienced a very good cooperation between Lene and lawyer Dorte Kirkeskov Carlsson, who together formed a very strong team. “Global reach, high professionalism and deep economic understanding of legal issues.” “The team is versatile, quick and precise in its advice and very knowledgeable in its area of law. They handle small cases and large legal projects with the same zeal. “It can be summed up briefly: – It`s an incredible feeling to leave a contract negotiation and think: `Hit the nail on the head! We certainly had the best legal counsel in the room” It`s a feeling we often get when working with Flemming Horn Andersen.

“One of the strongest M&A legal teams in Denmark. Super easy and pleasant to work with. Always works well with other consultants. Ensures that the customer is informed of the right things. The Danish legal market is dominated by large national companies such as Accura Advokatpartnerselskab, Bech-Bruun, Bruun & Hjejle, Gorrissen Federspiel, Horten, Kromann Reumert, Lundgrens, Moalem Weitemeyer and Plesner. International companies such as DLA Piper Denmark and Bird & Bird Advokatpartnerselskab are also extremely active in the market, while Poul Schmith, who works mainly for the Danish public sector and government, continues to strengthen his practice by increasingly focusing his efforts on the private sector. “Based on our experience working with other M&A lawyers – who represent us and the adversary – we have found that Christian Bonnesen is particularly proficient in negotiating skills, legal advice, managing the M&A process as well as involving partners and another specialist when needed.” Skau Reipurth works for buyers and sellers nationally and internationally.

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