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The key to our success at Services Médico-Juridiques is to offer our clients a consistently high level of service and to constantly reinvent ourselves to maintain our leadership position with innovative and innovative services. Are you a doctor or medical provider? We provide information, training and more to help health care providers understand their role in meeting patients` non-medical needs. Visit to learn more. Understanding a medical case from a medical perspective and presenting it from a legal perspective are two different ball games. However, our expertise in creating the summary helps to find common ground. We have experts to make the design complete and easy to understand. Every forensic case has a strength and a weakness. We disclose both points to the law firm. This helps them understand a case from all angles and choose the right approach to present the case to court. As an ISO 9001:2015 certified forensic service provider, we take a fully client-centric approach, which is why we strive to provide you with the best professional forensic services at all times.

We rely on a Six Sigma methodology to ensure the efficiency of the work at all times. This has allowed us to shorten our processing times and meet your request both your expectations. For this reason, all our customers see an expanded team in our team of employees and blindly trust us with all their requirements. We have an efficient process to deal with all medico-legal cases. As a result, we can deploy the right number of physicians, paramedics and forensic staff to provide an accurate and informed summary of a case. This includes the skillful use of people for compliance and knowledge management tasks. Flatworld Solutions is a leading provider of forensic support services. We have over 18 years of experience assisting legal departments and law firms with their medical needs. Led by a team of senior doctors, specialists, doctors and lawyers, we provide our clients with first-class services and support them 24/7.

As a leading provider of forensic support services, our services are characterized by high accuracy and productivity, as we also have immense expertise in outsourcing legal processes. With this service, we help you decipher abbreviations, illegible writing and other problems. We complete the services with a clear report. Our professionals are experts in identifying missing and incomplete files. They also specialize in detecting corrupted records. Our innovative LegalHealth program improves health outcomes by addressing legal needs and removing legal barriers to better health for patients with limited financial resources. We work with healthcare professionals in 36 hospitals and medical facilities in New York City, including NYC Health + Hospitals, Mount Sinai Medical Center, Montefiore Medical Center, CancerCare and many more. Social determinants of health – non-medical circumstances (i.e. housing, income, food security, immigration status, etc.), which have a direct impact on health, limit access to and quality of medical care.

This reality makes LegalHealth not only revolutionary, but necessary. Given the complexity and nuances of medical terminology and procedures, it can be difficult for a legal professional to build a case based solely on medical aspects. We make it easier by adjusting the case strategy, putting strengths first. Our lawyers at LegalHealth support patients` legal needs so they can focus on improving their health. Here are some ways we help: Dr. William Simonson is pleased to offer his medical legal services in Albany, New York, Brooklyn, Bronx, Buffalo, Rochester, Staten Island, Syracuse, Flushing, Yonkers and others in the Empire State of New York (NY). Everyone in the world knows the famous American city that never sleeps, but what many don`t know is how amazing all of New York State is. From all the nightlife, culture, history and entertainment ranging from the famous “Big Apple” to thousands and thousands of square miles of pure and unchanged natural beauty and high-end entertainment, New York offers a truly unique lifestyle that countless people from all over the world travel just to experience. When you think of New York, most people immediately think of slices of pizza, Broadway, taxis, high fashion and more, but it`s so much more than that. New York is an incredible historic state that has gone that far and much further. Each forensic case has its own requirements and we adapt our solutions to these requirements.

This gives your process a great advantage. Whatever your requirements, we understand your case in detail and work hard to provide you with the support you need in a timely manner. This is exactly why we can offer the best to our customers. Being a professional medical legal expert means not only understanding complex medical and pharmaceutical information, but also being able to effectively communicate this important information to others who have no prior knowledge or understanding of the matter. As a forensic expert, Dr. William Simonson can use his training experience to easily explain evidence and other relevant information about the many consequences of negative pharmaceutical interactions to untrained court personnel, jurors, witnesses and more. Many physicians are unaware of the complex laws, policies and regulations that affect their practice and health care today. Each physician will encounter certain medico-legal cases at some point during their practice. However, they are reluctant to deal with such legal entanglements, believing that forensic cases mean getting entangled in police cases and spending indefinite hours in court. Because of this fear factor, they try to avoid such cases or manipulate them as non-forensic cases.

In medical practice, ignorance of the law is no excuse. A good knowledge of the law combined with a methodical understanding of these cases helps build trust instead of overcoming the fear of forensic cases. Therefore, it is necessary for hospitals to work hand in hand with the law to help patients in need. Effective forensic service helps you reduce risk and maintain compliance. Medical law cases rely heavily on past medical cases and judgments. We have extensive experience in medical research to make arguments and support facts in court. We have a dedicated team that deals with forensic history. Our experts conduct extensive medical research in a variety of aspects to bring medical legal affairs to fruition. Any illness or injury is examined from all angles to ensure that it represents the truth. We help a legal team understand whether applicable due diligence standards have been applied to a particular case. In the case of substandard care, we emphasize this and also explain the alternative that should have been recommended by the doctor.

The team has a dedicated staff who handle various aspects of forensic outsourcing, such as case review, medical record review, medical record review, summary and summary preparation, forensic research, etc. Since all this is done under one roof, walking becomes much easier. There are several benefits you get when you choose us as your provider of forensic support. Some of them are – Forensic consists of several processes and sub-processes. Knowing each of these processes can be a difficult task. By outsourcing forensic services, law firms can have a solution for all processes at the same time. All third-party providers specializing in forensic matters are managed by a team with complete knowledge of the required processes. Our process is as follows – Our medical law professionals are experts in using state-of-the-art technology, medical laws and investigative practices to provide the best legal assistance at prices starting at $10 per hour The client had no experience in the paralegal process and needed our help in submitting drafts and applications. Our services speed up processing and reduce your overhead and time. The role of a physician in forensic matters is to clinically examine a patient and validate investigations to be undertaken by law enforcement. These investigations reveal the circumstances and determine responsibility for the illness or injury in accordance with the law.

Circumstances may include child abuse, domestic violence, traffic accidents, workplace accidents, manipulation of evidence, electrical injuries, chemical injuries, burns and scalds, sexual offences, criminal abortions, deaths by deprivation of liberty, drug overdoses, etc. Our forensic experts uncover facts through the following services – Another reason to outsource forensic support services is to save time. Most of the tasks delegated to them are done overnight. Here, too, several suppliers operate from different global locations. Using their services, it is possible to cover a case even outside office hours. If you are looking for a forensic expert in New York City, call 1.757.377.0843 or simply fill out the form below to hear from Dr. William Simonson: The following cases fall into the medico-legal category and it is the duty of the attending physician to inform the police: – Are you looking for a reputable forensic support company? Contact us now to learn more about our forensic support services. When it comes to choosing the ideal forensic expert to give objective expert testimony on behalf of an important forensic matter, who better than the man who has written over 200 published articles and made over 800 moving demonstrations on the complete science of pharmaceuticals, pharmaceutical standards, dosing techniques and prescribing methods? Although Dr.