Middle Eastern Legal Association of Washington

The Filipino Lawyers of Washington (FLOW) is a professional association of Filipino community lawyers dedicated to promoting the exchange of ideas and information between its members and other members of the defense, judiciary and community. promote the professional growth of its members; support for efforts to diversify the legal profession; cooperation with other minority lawyers` organizations; celebration of Filipino culture; and to provide an instrument and forum for expressing opinions and positions on current social, political, economic, legal or other issues or events affecting the members of the Association. For more information or to join FLOW, please contact webmaster@filipinolawyers.org or: The Slavic Bar Association of Washington (SBAW) is a professional association of lawyers and law students with ties or interest in Slavic cultures and languages. SBAW is organized exclusively for charitable and educational purposes: to support members of the Bar Association and law students with Slavic ties; educate others about Slavic ethnicity, culture, history and peoples; To help the Slavic community and its members who wish to enter the legal field. For more information or to join SBAW, please contact: MESALSA strives to create a sense of community among students of Middle Eastern and South Asian descent, as well as students interested in the Middle East and South Asia. MESALSA creates opportunities for students to connect with political and legal professionals in the greater Seattle area through events and programs. We are committed to fostering the success of our Middle East and South Asian law students in their careers and promoting awareness of the issues facing our communities through events and discussions. MESALSA recognizes that the Middle East and South Asia are diverse and distinct regions and celebrates the similarities, uniqueness and presence of these communities in the Pacific Northwest. The Seattle Cardozo Society is a society for Jewish lawyers. The Society sponsors programs that integrate legal and Jewish concerns to demonstrate the unique contributions that the legal profession can make to the betterment of the Jewish community. Society-sponsored programs are open to all lawyers and their guests, as well as others with common goals or interests. For more information or to join the Cardozo Society, please contact cardozo@jewishinseattle.org or: The Middle East Bar Association works with other Middle Eastern groups in the community, organizes social events, and offers a legal clinic designed to help people of Middle Eastern descent deal with the legal issues they face. The Legal Clinic is one of the main services of this organization and employs volunteer lawyers to answer questions from low-income members of the community.

The Northwest Indian Bar Association (NIBA) is an organization of Indian lawyers and judges in Alaska, Idaho, Oregon, Washington, British Columbia and Yukon. For more information or to join NIBA, please contact: The Loren Miller Bar Association is an affiliate member of the National Bar Association, whose purpose is to promote the social and economic well-being of its largely African-American members; improve relations between the legal profession and the community at large; promote understanding, goodwill and cooperation between lawyers and the interests of the legal professions; support reforms for the economic and social well-being of all in a manner consistent with the principles of a free democratic society; and improving the educational, social and economic status of the African-American community in order to eliminate discrimination. For more information or to join the LMBA, please contact: The Washington Attorneys with Disabilities Association is a minority bar association that serves as the voice of Washington State lawyers and law students with disabilities. WADA`s mission is to promote the meaningful inclusion of persons with disabilities throughout the legal profession. removing barriers to the integration of persons with disabilities into the legal profession; and promote the career and professional development of WADA members through mentorship, networking, alliances and the development of a strong and vibrant community. Visit WADA`s website or follow us on WADA`s list to learn more about WADA`s activities. For more information or to join WADA, please contact: Formerly the Hispanic Bar Association of Washington, the Latina/Latino Bar Association of Washington (LBAW) aims to represent the concerns and goals of the Latina/o people of Washington State. Membership is available to lawyers, bailiffs, law schools, legal staff, and students. For more information or to join LBAW, please contact: info@lbaw.org, President The South Asian Bar Association of Washington (SABAW) is an organization of North Asian lawyers dedicated to providing access to legal resources and support for issues relevant to the South Asian community.

SABAW is also committed to identifying and developing areas where economic, social and political interests overlap with South Asian legal issues. Finally, SABAW serves as a link between South Asian lawyers and the wider legal community. For more information or to join SABAW, please contact: The Washington LGBT Bar Association, affectionately known as “QLaw,” is an association of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) lawyers and their friends that serves as the voice of LGBT advocates on issues of diversity and equality in the legal profession, the courts, and under the law. To join QLaw, please contact membership@qlaw.org (membership applications only). For more information, please contact: Washington Women Lawyers is Washington`s largest organization dedicated to promoting the full inclusion of women in the legal profession and promoting equal rights and opportunities for women. With the combined resources of a national organization and a network of local chapters, Washington Women Lawyers provides programs and support to women lawyers across the state. For more information or to join WWL, please visit our website or contact wwl@wwl.org. The Vietnamese American Bar Association in Washington is a law society founded in 2005 for Vietnamese-American lawyers, law students and friends who share their common vision. VABAW strives for legal excellence by facilitating and maintaining professional and personal relationships between its members, the community and the judiciary. VABAW`s goal is to mutually support lawyers in advancing their careers, to be a trusted guide and resource for students aspiring to the legal profession, to serve as a voice for the local Vietnamese-American community, and to represent Vietnamese-American lawyers at the state bar.