Why Are Loud Exhausts Legal

Until then, I`m in a high-rise building, just above a big highway, where these assholes are making their cars fart loudly. If you see one of those assholes whose egg splashed their fucking cars, it`s from me. Cheers! I really do not expect the police department to drop everything and focus on noisy vehicles, but I would expect that if an officer travels in his car and hears one of those vehicles, he will issue a ticket. It`s not like someone who is a few miles per hour above the speed limit because they didn`t pay attention to the specified speed limit. These noisy vehicles were intentionally built to make a lot of noise. I then told him about a noisy boom car stopping next to me, and when I asked him to refuse it, all I got was swearing and louder noise. Hi guys, I love your courage and transparency. First of all, I would like to say that any chief of police who says that the behaviour of these modified exhaust drivers and modified boom cars is not a priority is not aware that it is now a danger to traffic. The police should not be afraid to impose a flagrant violation on our roads.

If they are afraid, they must surrender their ID card and find a job at Taco Bell. There is a post here on a Seminole County law enforcement website about these excessively noisy vehicles that were originally posted in February of this year, and there are over three thousand eight hundred views on the subject (Modified Exhaust a Road Hazard) I will leave the link at the end of this post if you want to see it. ? Little rooster Harry, lol, you nail it buddy. These little sh___are disrespectful to the community and they are little cowards who can move away from their dirty and smelly little noise that they leave behind of their smelly a__h_____. (We should approach them with a loudspeaker and shout in their ears whenever we feel like it, to see if they like to disrespect other Americans like they do. It is disconcerting that law enforcement agencies across the country are not doing their job to enforce this egregious violation in many ways. I think it`s because of poor leadership at the top, at this point in 2020. The entire country should follow California`s lead with the $1,000.00 fine. (and a special task force to remove these machines from our roads) Our parents and children drive on these roads and this kind of behaviour can cause an accident and injure or kill them very seriously. (for what such an angry coward can breathe) Crazy Crazy If they call it a hobby, create a place in the forest where they can take off their socks if they want, but not on our streets where we endanger the lives of our loved ones.

Thank you very much for this post. Loud whistles are usually used by people who want to be noticed because they need attention and have nothing else to offer to feel good. They are like taggers; Do you notice that they are only labeled where the public can see them? This is because they want to be noticed in their mental way. Since I started ordering to stay home in Virginia, I`ve noticed an increase in the number of noisy cars and motorcycles going up and down day and night. I guess since these non-essential people are now free during the day, they have nothing better to do than walk around Arlington. And because there`s so little traffic, they can really ramp up their obnoxious noise generators. Obviously, they don`t realize (or care) that already stressed healthcare workers wake up trying to sleep during the day. I contacted the police and the Arlington Code Enforcement Office and received no support from either of them. I hope you can enlighten us on this situation. Why don`t the police stop vehicles that are obviously too noisy? What are they doing on the street? David, are you ever right? Well, it`s been 7 months in the new presidency, but no one seems to get the message. In reality, it`s not who is sitting in the Oval Office at this point. Police officers are policemen, idiots are idiots.

Police officers (other than those fueled by inflatable testosterone) are less concerned with reducing crime. When I reported on the daily events in the park across the street that endangered the safety of our communities and led to more dangerous crimes, they treated me with seething belligerence. Of course, my husband also blamed me, which made things doubly difficult for me. Now that it`s the noisy and fast cars (one of them just set off a car alarm in my ear yesterday!), the police told me they couldn`t do anything about it unless they saw it WHILE telling me they weren`t going to build speed traps because these fools are somehow fighting against tickets. Seriously, what can we do as citizens who deserve peace and quiet? These monsters make donuts in front of the new fire station!!! The Sheriff`s Department will strictly enforce HVAC sections 27150(a) and 27151(a) regarding noisy exhaust emissions. Sound cameras and radars as in Europe would be useful. Cars that are too noisy and fast definitely harm society. It is regrettable that this immature and reckless behaviour has not been brought under control; But current and future technologies could eventually make it a thing of the past. Silence is golden. The SLEEP Act will hurt car dealerships, private companies and the aftermarket industry. Many aftermarket exhaust systems will now be illegal.

SEMA, which has been a strong supporter of the RPM Act, points out that New York is not the only state with excessive noise regulations. 16 states, including New York, have aggressive laws prohibiting the use of mufflers that emit “excessive or unusual” noise AND prohibit modification if the muffler emits more noise than the original, factory-installed muffler, according to SEMA`s website. There is a solution: this problem will only be solved if it is taken seriously by government legislators. Too strong? Severe fine and seizure of vehicle. Laxity of law enforcement? Termination of employment. Those who make this possible are called assholes by the assholes, holding good citizens hostage with their “Don`t-a-shit-if-my-rude-behavior-makes-your-life-miserable” attitude. The chief said that “if he didn`t do something in an official capacity, he wouldn`t say anything to anyone to reject it, as some people do today.” I wondered if we were all afraid to say something because we think someone might attack us. The boss made me believe that the law regulating the volume of vehicles would not be enforced unless other people complained.